Polybench® for biosignals / reference 1.34.1
Results in 1 divided by the input signal.



Use this operator to devide 1 by the input sample values.

Operator ports

Input S: Floating point values

Output 1/S: Floating point values


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type: See description
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This operator equals a calculation involving a Divider ("S1 / S2") and a Constant ("K") of value 1, but using this operator is more efficient and therefore the preferred way of doing the one-divide-by calculation.

In case a division by zero error occurs, the last valid sample will remain at the output, and the sample stream will simply continue.
During digital signal processing of noisy signals, it is well possible that a division by zero occurs every now and then. Statistically this does not necessarily have to be significant for the calculation results. Therefore, Polybench chooses to allow this error to happen, but will give the programmer a warning below the operator symbol. The warning says: "Division by zero was detected N times", where N is the number of divisions by zero since the last system reset.