Polybench® Reference
A control in the Polybench user interface, that allows the user to switch between pages.

Page Bar


Located on top of the drawing board is the Page Bar. By pressing on one of the page buttons on the bar, the selected page (link) will show on the drawing board, or on the full-screen display that is currently shown.

If you right-click on a page button, a menu appears where you can select a number of page editing functions.


Elements of the Page Bar

1. Add a new page
Press this button to add a new page to the project.

2. Active page button
This is a page button that indicates that the 'Design' page is currently active.

3. Inactive page button
This page button is not highlighted, indicating that this page is currently not visible. Click on this (or any other) inactive page button to make it active and to view the page it represents.

The page buttons display the caption of the page. Click right on the page to open (via the context menu) the properties page of the current page. If you change the property Caption, then the text on the page button is also changed.

You may also open the page's properties by right-clicking on the corresponding page button. A small context menu opens, from which the properties can be made to display.

Changing the order of pages

You may shift the page buttons on the page bar, in order to change the order of pages in your project. To do that, click left on a page button and move the mouse over another page button. You will see that the page button changes its position on the fly.