Polybench® Reference
The ability to change the speed at which recorded data is replayed (in percentage).

Play Speed


The Play Speed is a factor between the real-world time and the Polybench data processing time. This value is expressed as a percentage. A play speed of 100% (factor 1.0) means that data is processed in real-time. If you would watch the signals through one connection using the Signal Probe, you would see that one second worth of samples is run through the connection in exactly one second. If the play speed is 200% (factor 2.0), this one second worth of samples is run in only half a second.


The play speed can be set in Polybench Designer, using the toolbar (Speed drop-down box).

The speed can also be adjusted by the Action SPEED (link).

The play speed may be changed during running of the measurement configuration. In that way, you can quickly run through a part of a reviewed signal, until a more interesting part gets visible.

How high the speed can get, depends on your computer. Polybench tries to keep the speed you have set as good as possible, but if your computer is too slow, the speed is set back.