Polybench® Reference
A display mode that displays a project's user interface full screen, so without window's borders and controls.

Full Screen Mode


An application that is constructed in Polybench, may be shown in Windows Full-Screen mode, that is without any Windows borders, and without access to other Windows programs and features.


The reason why many Polybench applications are run in Full-Screen mode, is that in medical environments this is considered to be more safe. A medical measurement should never be put in hazard by the user opening any other programs, or occupying the computer for other purposes than doing the measurement.

To be able to run in Full Screen on any screen-size, Polybench applications are fully scalable, so all user interface objects can scale to larger or smaller sizes.

To exit Full-Screen mode in Polybench Designer, move your mouse pointer to the right-top of the screen. A button with a red cross on it pops up. If you press the button, Full-Screen closes.
Alternatively you may press the Alt-F4 key combination or Esc on your keyboard.