Polybench® Reference
Getting Started with Polybench

Polybench® Getting Started


Read this section and the following pages carefully before starting Polybench. It describes shortly how to get going with Polybench.

Polybench® is a software system, designed for analysing and processing signals from a physiological source, and for developing measurement protocols. Polybench is able to analyse signals on-line, in real-time, as well as reprocess measurements afterwards, and then report the results in various ways. In addition to that, Polybench allows for the development of complete measurement cycles; not only signal processing, but also the design of protocols and graphical user interfaces towards complete measurement applications.


After installing Polybench Suite

In your Windows-Start menu, you will find a new section called Polybench. It contains links to two important programs: Polybench Designer and Polybench Manager.

Also, a section is added to the Start menu, called 'Maintenance'. In this section you will find the License Activator program (read more here: link) and the Polybench Suite Uninstaller.

In the Polybench start menu you will also find a link to this manual in the help program. This help program provides a convenient way to step through the manual, as well as to search information or browse through the extensive index. The Polybench manual contains overviews as well as an object reference.

Note that the Windows Start menu items for Polybench may show names in another language.

This section of the manual continues with a general introduction and then a number of step-by-step instructions, about how to use the various Polybench programs.