Polybench® Reference

1. Start the Data Manager


The Polybench Data Manager is a substitute for a clinical hospital information system and also the starting place for different measurement applications. The Data Manager manages the applications you make or use in Polybench, and it manages information about your patients and the measurements you perform.


First time start-up

The first time you start up the Data Manager, it may ask to setup the system. Please follow the instructions. If the system is set up correctly, the manager will start up normally the next time.

After starting up, the Data Manager shows a log-in screen. The log-in code that is entered determines which functions are offered to the user. The following default accounts and passwords can be used if they have not been changed by users:

0000 = Normal user
1234 = Administrator
2040 = Support

Please note that the Support account does not allow the user to view patient data. Therefore the patient and measurement lists are empty, although you may have data on your system.

Normal operation

Normally the Polybench Data Manager should always run in the background. If you run a Polybench application while the Data Manager is not running, then recording files are probably automatically saved in your Documents folder of Windows.