Polybench® for biosignals / reference 1.34.1
Print the specified page on a printer.



The PRINT action is used to start printing a page on a printer. You can only print pages that have a page type 'printable'.
You may also start printing in the Print Preview dialog that is started using the PRINTPREVIEW action ("PRINTPREVIEW").

An Action may use a Value and an Address
Value: empty
Address: address of the page to print (for exampe $Print Page).



Not used.


If you select an address of an object that cannot be printed, or if no address is specified, a warning pops up stating what is the problem.

Synchronous or asynchronous

This action is performed asynchronously with data processing. If an action is asynchronous, it is performed only after all synchronous actions in a sequence have been called. A synchronous action is performed immediately.