Polybench® Reference
Concept of variable file names.

Stream Alias


A stream alias is a short name of one type of data file. In stead of referring to a file using its full path and file name, the software offers a method to use a general specifier for all files of the same type, which is called an alias.

Because each recording file of the same type uses the same alias, it is possible for post-processing applications (that analyze the measurements) to load such a recording, without knowing its exact file name. The software just asks the data manager for the file with a certain alias, and then the manager returns the file of the measurement that is currently selected by the user.


By default the alias is part of the file name of a recording, as a second extension. A file name commonly looks like this:

[unique file name body].[alias].[extension]

An example of a file name is: 20111125_000639.WaveForms.Poly5
In this example WaveForms is the alias.