Polybench® for biosignals / reference 1.34.1
Data structure that contains information about a measurement and that describes the various recording files that belong to the measurement.

Measurement Session Record


The Measurement Session Record describes one measurement. A measurement may consist of multiple recording files. The collection of those files is called the Measurement Session.

This record is stored together with the recording files in a file with the extension .XSES.


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type: See description
The name of the measurement. Per default the name consists of the name of the application and its version number.

The name is actually free text. It should reflect what the measurement is about. Therefore, the default name includes the name of the application that was used to do the measurement, because that normally is a good indication about where the measurement comes from.

type: See description
The start date of the measurement.

type: See description
The start time of the measurement.

type: See description
The name of the person that conducted the measurement.

type: See description
The name of the application that was used to record this measurement.

type: See description
Any notes to the measurement session. This is often a multi-line text.

type: See description
Path to the directory where the files of a measurement session are stored.

type: True or False
This pseudo-boolean flag (0 for False, 1 for True) indicates if this session should be marked to be deleted. Use this in case your app determines that the session can be deleted.
Select one of those presets:
True or False
True may also be read like 'yes' and false like 'no'

Sometimes, a measurement is performed and immediately it is clear that the measurement session should not be kept, because the data are not valid.
In that case, a session can be marked to be deleted. The Data Manager can then suggest to delete the session.


The record as stored to disk is important for a measurement, because it binds files that together form the measurement as a whole. The record describes which files are part of the measurement, what their aliases ("Stream Alias - concept for naming of data files") are, and also some user information about the measurement.

The session record file consists of readible text. You can open the file in a text editor. The text is structured, so that it can be understood by the program. If this structure is broken, maybe because the file has not been stored correctly, then the program cannot read it and an error message will appear. In that case you may try to repair the structure of the file by hand, or copy another session record file to replace it, in order to fool the program that there is a measurement.