Polybench® Reference
Viewer that shows action addresses that are not valid

Address Validator


Use this tool to check if any addresses that are specified in properties of objects are valid.

Open from main menu: Debug -> Validate addresses...
Open by shortcut key: Ctrl+F4
See also: "Tool windows in the designer".

Invalid addresses, are addresses that do not point to any object or variable. If such addresses are found, it could mean there is a bug in your application.

Open this tool in the Debug menu of the designer ('Validate addresses...').

Read more about addresses here: "Address - how to address objects and variable parameters".

User Interface

1. Open Help button
Opens the help document for this dialog.

2. Refresh contents
Clears the text viewer and refreshes its contents. Depending on the contents, the refresh may take a few moments.

3. Close
Closes this dialog.

4. Word wrap check box
Check this check box to wrap long text lines to the next line, so that no horizontal scrolling is necessary.


For each address that seems to be invalid, the object where this address reference was found is shown. The object is shown as a link. If you click on it, the designer points to the object in your design and opens the properties dialog of that object.

Often, also free variables ("Free Global and Namespace Variables") are shown, because they have not yet been defined by a call to SET_PARAMETER. If that is the case, the variable itself is probably correct. Check again after the application has run for some time.