Polybench® for biosignals / reference 1.34.1
Designer feature to halt data processing and action sequences as a breakpoint.



Breakpoints are used to temporarily halt data processing and execution of action sequences, in order to inspect the state of the measurement configuration in a debug session.

Set a breakpoint by the context menu for a connector: Set breakpoint...
Remove a breakpoint by the context menu for a connector: Remove breakpoint...

Breakpoints are a debugging feature that should be used with caution, especially when external devices are controlled by Polybench.



Set a breakpoint by right-clicking on a connector and selecting Set breakpoint... if that option is available for the connector. The breakpoint is set at the output of the operator that is the source of the connector.
The breakpoint is visible as a large red square.

If during processing, the condition of a breakpoint is met, then the complete Polybench data processing is halted. An arrow appears that shows where the break was applied. Also, the "Variable Monitor" is shown, in case you want to inspect certain variables.

If you are ready inspecting your measurement configuration, you can press Continue on the breakpoint arrow. The arrow disappears and processing continues.

To completely remove a breakpoint, right-click on a connector that connects to the output where the breakpoint is set, and choose Remove breakpoint....


Breakpoints currently are only offered for Action Sequences.

In some cases, the Polybench processing runs further than you would expect for the place where a breakpoint is active. That is due to the way Polybench processes samples.