Polybench® Reference
Data Manager is a program for managing patients, measurements and applications.

Data Manager


This software comes with a Data Manager that is a helper-program for managing your measurements, patients and applications.

We recommend to always use the Data Manager on the background, and start your measurement programs and post-processors from this program. Also, if you are using the research and design software Polybench then you should start Polybench Designer from the Data Manager.


The Data Manager is installed on your computer along with the software it is part of. The executable can be found in C:\Program Files\(etc) on most computers and is called PolybenchManager.exe.

Start-up arguments of PolybenchManager.exe

Advanced users may start PolybenchManager.exe from a script or from the Windows Explorer, optionally with the following arguments:

Get a list of start-up arguments. The program is then closed immediately.

/measurements:"[measurements root dir]"
Select the specified directory for measurements and patients.

/recyclebin:"[deleted measurements dir]"
Select the specified directory for deleted measurements and patients. This directory functions as a recycle bin for if a user deletes measurements.

/patient:"[patient name]"
Specifies a search string for a patient. The first patient that is found for this search is selected as current patient.

/password:"[existing log-in password]"
Specifies the password that is used to log in immediately after the program is started. The log-in screen is then skipped.

/env:"[environment file path]"
Specifies a file (with directory and file name) of an environment file (.XSET file). The Data Manager will start using the settings in this file.

Start the program without showing the start-up information dialog.

Specifies the language for the user interface of the Data Manager, and also for the default patient template. The Data Manager program looks in the directory Languages and tries to find a directory with the name as specified in this argument. If that directory is found, then the language files will be loaded from that directory.

Unloads the first hidden or visible Data Manager that was started. The program that is started with the /exit argument will itself close immediately.

Start-up behavior

Only one instance of the Data Manager can be run at one time. If you try to open another Data Manager, nothing will happen. If you use multiple software tools that have integrated a version of this Data Manager, then you can use only one of those tools at one time.