Polybench® Reference
A collection of button appearance descriptors that can be referenced by name.

Button Repository


Every button in a Polybench project has a descriptor that defines how the button looks like. The is called a Button Layout Descriptor.

Every button layout descriptor in a project is stored only once; also if you use the layout for multiple buttons. Button layout descriptors are stored in a database called the Button Repository.

Using this approach, you need to specify how your buttons look like only once. For every button you then only need to specify the name of the button layout descriptor, and the button changes its appearance.


It is recommended to specify the button layout that you are going to use most often, in the pre-defined button layout named Default. If you do that, every new button that you add to your project will automatically, by default show that layout.

The button repository can be edited in a special dialog: link.
Example: Button Repository Demo
This demo shows that buttons can be created with many special designs. Important for the button design is the graphic that is used as its background. In the demo, a number of buttons are semi-transparent. This is a feature of the background image used for the button. If you want to create your own semi-transparant button graphic, you will need third-party graphics software.