Polybench® for biosignals / reference 1.34.1

Poly5 16 File Format provider


Reads files with file header:

SAMPLE FILE ver 1.00
POLY SAMPLE FILEversion 2.03
POLY SAMPLE FILE version 2.04

and writes Poly5 files (ver. 2.03) in 16 bit resolution.



File extension when stored: .poly5.
File extensions that are recognized for reading: .poly4, .poly5 and .S00.

16-bit Poly5 files in the past have also been stored using the .S00 extension. Polybench will interpret files with this extension, but will ignore parallel files that were used with the original standard.
For more background information, please see "Poly5 32 File Format provider".

The Poly5 file format cannot store signals with a sample rate less than 1. Sample rates that are not a natural number are truncated to the first integer value less than the set sample rate.