Polybench® for biosignals / reference 1.34.1
Start an Action Sequence in special Action operators.



The ACTIONSEQUENCE action starts a sequence of actions. An action sequence can be formed using the Action operator ("Action") and the Action Decision operator ("Action Decision").

An Action may use a Value and an Address
Value: not used.
Address: address of an Action operator.

Important: ACTIONSEQUENCE is not registered in logs and is generally not registered by action listeners.



Value is not used.


Select the address of one of the Action operators in an action sequence. You cannot specify an address of any other kind of object. The action sequence starts on the Action operator that is addressed and then continues as the sequence is connected.

Note that you do not have to address the first Action operator in an action sequence. You can also start the sequence somewhere in between.

Order of execution

All actions in an action sequence are executed exactly in the order that they appear in the sequence. If inside an action sequence, another action sequence is called using the ACTIONSEQUENCE action, then that action sequence is entirely executed before the next action in the first sequence is executed.

For a demonstration, please see the documentation for the Action operator ("Action").

Synchronous or asynchronous

This is a special type of action. The action sequence that is called by ACTIONSEQUENCE is entirely executed asynchronously.