Polybench® for biosignals / reference 1.34.1
A dialog to change passwords

Change Password


This dialog enables you to change the password of the current account. The password gives you access to the main screen of the Data Manager, and determines what rights you have in the Manager.

Manager log-in works with a password only, no user name is required. The account protection is therefore limited. The intention of the log-in is to have a basic protection of patient data as is visible in the Manager main screen.

See below for password rules.

User Interface

Change password

1. Old password input field
Type here the current password. The dialog checks if that password is correct, before changing it.

2. New password input field
Type here the new password. The password should be repeated in the next input field.

3. Repeated new password input field
Repeat here the new password, so that the dialog can check if you did not make any typos.

4. OK
Accepts the changed password and closes the dialog.

5. Cancel
Discards the new password and closes the dialog without changing anything.


General information

This program only offers simple user account management. Each user-type gets a code, which is the password. There is not something like a User Name.

There are three users by default:
- Normal user: do measurements and allowed to export measurement data
- Administrator: access to all functions
- Support: cannot see patient data, but can do some system support

The accounts have default passwords that can be changed in the dialog described in this section. The default passwords are:
- Normal user: 0000
- Administrator: 1234
- Support: 2040
To reset the passwords to these default settings, type 'xxxx' in the log-in screen of the Manager.

The passwords themselves are never shown, nor stored to disk. The software only uses a so called Hash of the password, which is a code that is generated from a password, but from which the original password cannot be calculated back.

Password rules

There are no restrictions to length or form of the password.
Except for the Administrator password, passwords can also be empty. If one of the accounts has no password, then the Manager after starting up will immediately show the main screen for the first account without password.

Intended use

It is best to assign an administrator person in your team, that registers and manages the passwords for the accounts. Other users, doing measurements or data analyses, should use the Normal User account.
Technical support personnel should use the Support account, so that they cannot see any patient data.