Polybench® Reference
A graphical text block that can be used in a project

Static Text


The Static Text object is a transparent or colored box that displays graphical text. The text is static, which means that it cannot be changed from within a project. Anywhere you need text that will not change, this object is recommended, because it is very efficient.


Find more information about changing properties here: link

type: Known color name
The background color of the text panel

This property uses the Color Repository. For more information about the use of colors in a project, refer to link

type: Known color name
The text color

This property uses the Color Repository. For more information about the use of colors in a project, refer to link

type: Known text font name
The font of the text (select from the Font repository).

This property uses the Font Repository. For more information about the use of text fonts in a project, refer to link

type: Select from the list [this value cannot be changed]
Select an alignment from the list where the text should be drawn within the borders
Select one of those presets:

type: Integer value
The distance in pixels between the border of the text box and the text (for all sides equal).

type: Size containing width and height
The size of the user interface of this object (width, height).

type: Coordinate
The location of the user interface of this object in (x,y) coordinates, relative to the object it is on top of.

type: Word or phrase
The name of the object in the project. This name must not contain '.' or '$' characters.

Every object has the Caption property. This property is very important, because it is the name by which Polybench recognizes this object.
It is allowed to give multiple objects the same name, as long as the objects are of the same type. In that case, a reference to this caption includes all the objects with the same caption.
In Polybench, every object can be addressed by an Address specifier, which starts with the dollar sign, for example: $My Page.My Object. 'My Page' would be the Caption of a page, and 'My Object' the Caption of an object on that page.

type: See description
Optional documentation of this object.

It is good practice to write in short notes why you have used this object, and why its properties are set the way they are set. If this object is an operator, the Documentation text is displayed below the operator symbol.

Special dialog to change properties of this object: Text


The text in the box will fold so that it fits into the box. If however the box is too small for the text, the last part of it may not be visible. In that case, make the height of the box larger.

Note that the text in the properties dialog is displayed with a zoom factor of 100%. If your drawing board is displayed with another zoom factor, the text on the drawing board will have another size.

If you need the text to be changed from within a project, then you might want to use the Variable Viewer (link).

The text may contain variables, but they are not automatically updated when the content of the variables changes.