Polybench® Reference
Collections of items in a Project that are used everywhere in the Project.

Repositories Overview


A Repository is a place in Polybench where items of a certain kind are stored. For example, the Image Repository is a place where Polybench stores all the images you use in a Project. If multiple objects use one and the same image, this image is stored only once in the repository and all these objects refer to that one image. If you would change that image, all the refering objects will display the new image automatically.


The following functions are commonly offered by every repository:

Add a new item to the repository. Polybench will ask you to give the new item a name.

Removes an item from the repository. Warning: make sure that no object is using that item!

Renames an item in the repository. The item itself is unchanged, only the name that other objects use to refer to that item changes. Warning: if you change the name of an item and objects are refering to that item, you should change that name in the objects as well!

Changes the item itself, without changing the name.


There are a number of repositories for different kinds of items. This section of the documentation describes each repository in more detail.

Note that some objects do not immediately update if you change a repository item. You may have to click once on the drawing board to refresh all objects.

Always be very careful when removing or renaming items in a repository!