Polybench® Reference
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Below a list of carefully selected keywords is displayed. Some keywords lead to multiple pages, so that you have to select a topic after selecting the keyword.


$IN[n]$ (...)
$TRIGNAME$ (...)
$TRIGTECH$ (...)
* as wildcard
... (set theory)
.ini file
.PLIC file
.XMC file
.XMCL file
.XPAT (...)
.XSES file
.XSET file
/data (...)
/exit (...)
/language (...)
/program (...)
/review (...)
/windowed (...)
?????? test
1 - S
Above preset
AboveLeft preset
AboveRight preset
Absolute value
AbsolutePath property (...)
AbsolutePath variable (...)
account password
Action (...)
action (Constant to Action)
Action Button
Action Decision
action from event
Action on Exit
Action on Exit property
Action property (...)
Action Ready Processing property
Action Sequence Start
action sequences
Action to filter property
Action To One Shot
Action Trigger
Action variable (...)
Action vs. Event
actions (logging)
actions (overview)
activate a license
activate license
ad hoc calculations
add a page
add a page to the project
Add All Fields
add floating point samples
add images to project
add object to project
add vectors
Address (...)
address (actions overview)
address (Address Constructor)
address (overview)
Address Constructor
Address for the action property
address monitor
address of a variable parameter
Address of variable property
Address on Exit
Address on Exit property
address problems at runtime
Address property (...)
address references
address validation
Address variable (...)
Addresses and Text
Addresses and Text property
addressing objects and variables
adjust signal scale
adjust time range
administrative rights (File Information)
administrator log-in
alias (...)
Alias (stream name) property (...)
AlignLabels property
AlignValues property
AllHighs variable
AllLows variable
AllNorms variable
AllOffsets variable
AllowChannelSelect property (...)
AllowDrop property
AllowScrolling property (...)
AllowZooming property (...)
AllRanges variable
AllRangesHigh variable
AllRangesLow variable
AllUsers preset
alternating panels (Multi View)
Amount Of Fields
Amplitude property
AND address to filter property
AND Value to filter property
Append function
Application ID
Application ID property
Application Settings
arccos preset
arccot preset
arcsin preset
arctan preset
arguments for starting Polybench.exe
arguments for starting PolybenchRun.exe
arrow to find objects
ASCII preset
Author property
auto select channels
Auto3D preset
AutoEnable property
AutoEnable variable
AutoExtendAddress property (...)
AutoOffset function (...)
AutoRange function (...)
AutoScale function (...)
AutoScale X function
AutoScale XY function
AutoScale Y function
BackgroundColor (...)
BackgroundColor property (...)
BackgroundColor variable
BackgroundColorDisabled property
BackgroundColorHover property
BackgroundColorPress property
BackgroundColorToggled property
BackgroundImage property (...)
Bar graph
bar preset
Begins with (*=)
Begins with (*=), or does not begin with (!*=)
Begins with similar (*~)
Begins with similar (*~), or does not begin with similar (!*~)
Below preset
BelowLeft preset
BelowRight preset
BinCount property
BlackmanHarris preset
Blink (...)
Blink function (...)
BlinkColor (...)
BlinkColor property (...)
BlinkOff (...)
BlinkOff function (...)
Block function
Blocked variable
boolean algebra
BorderColor property
BorderColorToggled property
BorderStyle (...)
BorderStyle property (...)
BorderStyleInside property (...)
BorderStyleOutside property (...)
BorderWidth property
Bottom preset (...)
BottomCenter preset (...)
BottomLeft preset (...)
BottomPaneHeight property (...)
BottomRight preset (...)
box-car average
Browser variable
browsing files and folders in application
Buffer Integral
Buffer Level Detector
Buffer Peak Detector
Buffer Stacker
Buffer Sum of all Channels
Buffer To Histogram
Buffer to Signal
buffering (...)
BufferIntervalCount property
BufferLength property (...)
button (Constant Button)
button (Event Button)
button layouts in an application
button repository (...)
ButtonFormat property (...)
ButtonIcon property
ButtonIconPosition property
ButtonImage property
ButtonState variable
ButtonText property (...)
ButtonText variable (...)
ButtonType property
calculations on selected data
CameraControls variable
Cancel function
Caption (...)
caption - background and usage
Caption property (...)
Capture Action
capture values from a data stream (...)
cardinality (set theory)
Cart to Polar
case insensitive test (...)
Center preset (...)
CenterCursorColor property
CenterCursorPercent property
CenterCursorWidth property
CenterDecimals preset (...)
change displayed name and unit
change log
Change logging
Change logging property
change signal name and unit
ChangeLayout property
channel bus
channel identifier
Channel Merger
Channel Name Splitter
channel selection (overview)
Channel Splitter
Channel Terminal
ChannelCount variable (...)
ChannelName property (...)
ChannelNames variable
ChannelUnit property
CheckPath function
Circular Buffer
Circular Trigger Buffer
Clocked Constant
ClockTime property (...)
ClockTime variable (...)
color of signals
color repository (...)
colors in an application
ColorScheme property
comma in floating point
CompareValue property
comparison expressions
complement (set theory)
ComplexOutput property (...)
connection label
Connection Label
connection labels
connection rules
Connections tab
Connections tab property
connector (...)
Constant Button
constant from variable
constant samples
Constant To Action
constant to signal
ConstantOutputID property
ConstantValue preset
Contains (=*=)
Contains (=*=), or does not contain (!=*=)
Contains similar (case insensitive) (~*~)
Contains similar (case insensitive) (~*~), or does not contain similar (!~*~)
ContentColor property
ContentPaneLeft property
Contents property
Continue function (...)
control samples
convert variable to signal constant
Coordinates (...)
Coordinates property (...)
Copy Buffer
copy page size to new page
copy signal values to a variable
copying (moving) a file (File Information)
Copyright property
cos preset
Cosine preset
cot preset
Count of Samples per Block property
CounterToTime preset
cross reference finder
csc preset
CSV (Comma Separated Value) File Format provider
Current language property
Current variable
CurrentChannel variable
CurrentIndex variable
CurrentView property
CurrentView variable
CursorImage property
CursorTime variable
CursorTimeSeconds variable
CursorValues variable
CursorWidth property
custom key pad
CutoffFrequency property
CutOffFrequency property (...)
CutoffFrequency variable
CutOffFrequency variable (...)
cyclometric functions
Data Browser
data cursor (...)
data cursor - find objects that use a common
data files
data source selector
Data Source Type property
data stream synchronization
data type
debug actions
Debug Actions Monitor
debug addresses
decimals - how many to display
default tool window location and size
Default value property
DefaultChannel property
define file path
definition of free variables
Degrees preset
Delayed call time (ms) property
DelayInSamples property
DelayInSamples variable
DelayInTime property
DelayInTime variable
Delete function
delete measurements
Delete property
Deleted measurements folder property
derivative of a signal
Derivative preset
Derivative property
Derivative variable
Description property
design page
design preset
designer (...)
Designer version
Designer version property
designer window
DetectBottom preset
DetectBottom_RETURN preset
DetectBottom_SLOPE preset
DetectLevel property
DetectLevel variable
DetectTop preset
DetectTop_RETURN preset
DetectTop_SLOPE preset
device information
device synchronization
DeviceInfo property
Differential preset
DifferentiationVector variable
Digits property
Disable (...)
Disable function (...)
DisableAll function
DisableChannel function
Discard property
DiskVolumes variable
display page
display preset
display signal values
DisplayValue variable
divide floating point samples
divide vectors
Documentation (...)
documentation meta information
Documentation property (...)
DoNotStore preset
dot in floating point
drag event markers on reviewer
drawing board (...)
drop down list
Drop Down List
DropDownPosition property
dummy operator
duplicate channels warning
Duration property
Duration variable
Dwell property
EDF File Format provider
EDF+ File Format provider
edit patient
Editable property
EEGLAB File Format provider
Electrode Map
ElectrodeDefaultColor property
ElectrodeSize property
ellipsis (set theory)
Enable (...)
Enable function (...)
EnableAll function
EnableChannel function
Enabled property
EnabledChannels variable
EnabledChannelsSet variable (...)
EnableSignalSelection property
Encoding property
Ends with (=*) and does not end with (!=*)
Ends with similar (case insensitive) (~*)
Ends with similar (case insensitive) (~*), or does not end with similar(!~*)
EndSession function
entangle (Merge Re and Im operator)
enter patient data
enter text
envelope preset
Epoch Buffer
Equal preset (...)
Equal to (=) or Not Equal to (!=)
Equal to similar (case insensitive) (~=)
Equal to similar (case insensitive) (~=), or Not Equal to similar (!~=)
Equality range property
Equation property
equidistant samples
Erase function (...)
error report
errors at runtime
escape key
Evaluate function
event (...)
Event Button
Event Data Trigger
event filter
Event Information
event marker
event marker - remove from signal
event marker (overview)
Event Marker Buttons Panel
Event to Action
Event to One Shot
Event Trigger
Event vs. Action
EventCode property (...)
EventCode variable (...)
EventCodeAndButtonText variable
EventMarkers variable
events - show in viewers (Prepare Markers)
example Action Decision Test
example Action operator Block function Demo
example Action operator Skip function Demo
example Action Sequence Calling Order Demo
example Action Sequence Demo
example Action To One Shot Demo
example Action Trigger AutoExtendAddress Demo
example Action Trigger Demo
example Add all Fields Example
example Adder feedback as counter demo
example Amount of Fields Example
example Application Settings Demo
example Automatically make channels in viewer invisible
example AutoScale, Auto Range and AutoOffset Demo (...)
example Averaging Signals Demo
example Basic Running Averager Demo
example Button Repository Demo
example Capture Action to switch visibility of channels (Demo)
example Capture Action with AutoExtendAddress Demo
example Channel Name Splitter Demo
example Channel Splitter control using Set Theory notation (demo)
example Circular Trigger Example
example CircularBuffer Example
example Complex Epoch Exmp
example Determining PI
example DF0409113_003_X-Y_Plotter_Signal_Trail_Demo
example DF0700044_001_Drop_Down_List_Channel_Select_Demo
example DF0800236 Post-Proc Replay Demo
example Diagram Exmp
example Epoch Buffer Example
example Event Data Trigger Demo
example Event Information Demo
example Event Trigger Text Demo
example Evoked Potential Example
example FFT Exmp (...)
example FFT expample 2
example Filter Example
example Gate Feedback Demo
example Gaussian Ball X-Y Plotter Demo
example Get Field Number Example
example Histogram Example
example Integrator example
example Inverter Example
example Level Detecor Example
example Log - Ln - Exp Demo (...)
example Measurement Settings Demo
example Multiplexer to select constants Demo
example Multiply By i example
example Normalizer Demo
example Numerical Display Demo
example Numerical Display Invalid Value Demo
example Patient Settings Demo
example Peak Bottom Demo
example Peak Detector Example
example Range Offset Parameter Demo
example Recursive Filter Demo (...)
example Replay Function Demo
example Reviewer cursor change by actions Demo
example Round and Truncate Demo (...)
example Separate Exmp
example Session name demo
example Set Field Number Example
example Shift Example
example Single Bit Decoder Demo
example Smoot Example
example STARTING, STARTED and STOPPED_Demo (...)
example Start-Stop with one Action Button
example Switch Converge Data Source Demo
example Switch Converge Disabled Data Source test
example Switch demo
example Switch nonuniform capture demo
example Synchronizer Demo
example Variable Multiple Once Demo
example Viewers Tutorial
example Window Example
example XY Plotter Pause Demo
example Y-T Viewer Background Image Parameter Demo
Excel export to
exponent (vectors)
export manager settings
export patient data and measurements
ExportFileInformation variable (...)
ExportTimeStamp variable
expressions (...)
Extension variable
Extra dialog to change properties of this object: Default layouts property
Extra dialog to change properties of this object: Fixed Color Table property
Extra dialog to change properties of this object: Graphical properties of signals property
Extra dialog to change properties of this object: Layout property (...)
Extra dialog to change properties of this object: Markers property
Extra dialog to change properties of this object: Time Range property
ExtraRoomTopBottom property (...)
failing libraries
False (pseudo-boolean)
fast data processing
feedback loop example
file browser
file formats
file handling in application
file information
File Information
file management
file names (with alias)
File Replay
FileCaption variable (...)
FileCaptions variable
FileContents variable
FileDate variable (...)
FileExtension variable (...)
FileFilter property
FileFilter variable
FileInformation property (...)
FileLength variable (...)
FileLengthSeconds variable (...)
FileName variable (...)
FileNameFormat property (...)
FileNameFormatResult property
Files variable
FileSecondExtension variable (...)
FileSettings property
FileSettings variable
FilesFirst property
FileType property (...)
FileType variable (...)
fill out
filter event markers (...)
FilteredFiles variable
filters (...)
FilterSystemEvents property
find address references
find addresses
find incorrect addresses
find labels
find objects
find tool
FindFiles function
FIR filter (Savitzky Golay)
First Sample Number property
FirstField property
FirstFile function
FirstPatient function
FirstSession function
fixate channel configuration
FixedColors preset
Flat preset
Flip-Flop (set/reset)
floating point display format
Focus function
folder browser
Folder levels to look for patient records property
Folder variable
FolderBrowser property
Font (...)
Font property (...)
font repository (...)
FontContents property (...)
FontMetaData property (...)
fonts in an application
FontTitle property (...)
Foot Print property
for all items there is (logic sign)
ForegroundColor (...)
ForegroundColor property (...)
ForegroundColor read-only items
ForegroundColor read-only items property
format of a file name
Format of the folder name for a new measurement
Format of the folder name for a new measurement property
Format property
format specifier
formulas (...)
FrameRate property
FrameRate variable
FrameTime variable (...)
FrameTimeSeconds variable (...)
free variable
free variables
FreeContent preset
Frequency property
Frequency variable
Fs variable
full screen text input
FullInternational preset
Function property
Functions - how to call
Gausian preset
GaussianNoise preset
general reset
general start
general stop
Get Field Number
getting started (...)
global variable
global variables
Graph property
graphical properties of signals
GraphType property
Grayscale preset
Greater preset (...)
Greater than (>)
Greater than or equal to (>=)
GreaterOrEqual preset (...)
GridColor (...)
GridColor property (...)
GridSize property
GridVisible property
Hamming preset
Hanning preset
Has to be filled out property
Header property
HeaderFont property
HelpURL property
hexadecimal color code
hexadecimal values display
Hidden files property
Hidden item property
hiding signals
high (prepare range and offset)
high quality
HighlightColor (...)
HighlightColor property (...)
Highpass Filter
Histo Viewer
History buffer size property (...)
Hold property
HoldTimeInSamples property
HoldTimeInSamples variable
HoldTimeInTime property
HoldTimeInTime variable
HoldTimePeriod preset
Horizontal text alignment
Horizontal text alignment property
How many bits property
how to create an application
How to write a patient query
hysteresis (Level Detector)
Hysteresis property
IIR-filter (...)
image (...)
image repository (...)
Image Storage Extension
Image Storage Stream Provider
image to measurement
Image Writer
ImageAboveText preset
ImageBeforeText preset
ImageKeepAspectRatio property (...)
ImageName (...)
ImageName property (...)
ImageName variable (...)
images - change dynamically
images in an application
impersonation (MoveFile)
import manager settings
import patient data and measurements
import single file
ImportFileInformation variable (...)
ImportTimeStamp variable
IncomingValue variable
IncreaseAllHighs function
IncreaseAllLows function
IncreaseAllOffsets function
IncreaseAllRanges function
IncrementalChangeLog preset
index of items in a list
index preset
Index preset
Index variable
IndexOffset property
IndexOffset variable
Info of trigger channel property
information dialog
Ini file
IniFile preset
InnerBorderName property (...)
Input Field
InputValues preset
inspect variables (breakpoint)
installing Polybench
instantaneous replay of selected data
integral for buffers
intersection (set theory)
Interval Detector
invalid address test
InvalidValue property (...)
InvalidValueText property (...)
Inverse property (...)
Invert Buffer
invert pseudo-boolean signal (1-S)
InvertEnabled function
Irregular Capture property
irregularly timed samples
Is post-processing app
Is post-processing app property
ItemHeight property
Jump function
Justify preset (...)
Key Pad
label finder
labeled connections
Labels preset
language repository
Languages folder
Languages variable
LastError variable
LastLogonError variable
leading zeros time display
least squares smoothing
Left preset (...)
LeftAlign preset
LeftPaneWidth property (...)
Length property
Length variable
Less function (...)
Less preset
Less than (<)
Less than or equal to (<=)
LessOrEqual preset
Level detector
Level Detector for vectors
library of objects
license activation
license activator
license general information
line preset
Linear preset
LinearColorHigh property
LinearColorLow property
link to objects
List Viewer
lists (copy signal values to a list)
lists (List Viewer)
lists (overview)
Load function
LocalUser preset
logical algebra
login in Manager
LoopPlaying property (...)
LoopSignalTime property
low (prepare range and offset)
Lowpass Filter
marker (...)
Marker Button Panel
Marker Viewer
markers - show in viewers (Prepare Markers)
Markers vs. Action
MAT File Format provider
mathematical (complex) vectors (...)
mathematical formulas
MaxBlockSize property
MaxBlockSize variable
Maximum count of patients returned from search property
MaxItems property (...)
MaxItems variable
measurement configuration
measurement folder name
Measurement Information
Measurement Information property
measurement management
Measurement preset
measurement session
Memory File Format provider
Merge Re and Im
merging action sequences (...)
merging signal channels
meta-data of measurement
Method property (...)
MiddleCenter preset (...)
MiddleLeft preset (...)
MiddleRight preset (...)
Minimally required version
Minimally required version property
mirror signal (-S)
missing (device) library
Mode property (...)
module preset
monitor samples
monitor variable parameters
More function (...)
MoveFile function
Multi View (alternating panels)
MultiLine preset
multilingual applications
MultipleLines property
Multiply by i
multiply floating point samples
multiply vectors
n (set theory)
Name filter property
Name preset
Name property
name splitter (Channel Name Splitter)
Name variable
Names variable
namespace - connect signals
Namespace property
namespace variable
namespace variables
naming of signals in viewers
natural logarithm
new page
new patient
Next function (...)
NextFile function
NextFileCount variable
NextPatient function
NextPatientCount variable
NextSession function
NextSessionCount variable
NoBorder preset
NoChange preset
Noise preset
non-equidistant samples
non-uniform samples
non-uniform signals mixing with timed signals (...)
normal user log-in
not equal to
Notes property
number format
NumberFormat property (...)
NumberFormat Time property
Numerical Display
Numerical keyboard for log-in screen property
Numerical preset
o (set theory)
object search
offset (prepare range and offset)
Offset property
Offsets variable
one shot
OnlyItems preset
Operation mode
Operation mode property
operator connection
Operator property
Options (optional) property
options of the Data Manager
or does not begin with (!*=)
or does not begin with similar (!*~)
or does not contain (!=*=)
or does not contain similar (!~*~)
or does not end with similar(!~*)
or Not Equal to similar (!~=)
order of execution in actions
order of pages
order statistics
OuterBorderName property (...)
OutputConversion property
OutputSampleFrequency property
Overlay preset
overview of object library
Padding property
page button
Page format
Page format property
page properties - opening of
page select bar
page size
PageSize property
PageType property
panel with multiple displays (Multi View)
Parameter List
Parameter List (drop down box)
Parameter List (List Viewer)
parameters - change from within the project
parameters vs. properties
Parsed equation (to check) property
parser for logical formulas
parser for math formulas
Partial results (to check) property
PasswordText property
paste an image
path (...)
path name format
Path property (...)
PathExists variable
patient data queries
Patient display layout property
Patient Information
patient management
Patient preset
patient record
patient record (edit)
patient record search
patient record template
patient record templates editor
patient template
PatientRecord variable
Patients variable
PatientsCount variable
Pause function (...)
pausing data processing
PDF Extension
PDF Stream Provider
Peak detector
Peak Detector for vectors
PenOffEvent property
PenOnEvent property
PenState variable
Percentile property
Percentile variable
PhaseShiftDegree property
PhaseShiftRad property
picture (Picture Viewer)
picture (Static Image)
Picture Viewer
Poly5 16 File Format provider
Poly5 32 File Format provider
Polybench in the Windows Start Menu
PolynomialDegree property
PolynomialDegree variable
Post Proc Replay
PostProcInfo address property
PostProcInformation variable
power (vector)
power of floating point samples
pre-defined text input
preparation operators (overview)
Prepare Markers
Prepare Naming
Prepare Ranges and Offsets
Prepare Signal Graphics
Prepare Time Range
Prepare Viewer Signals
Previous function (...)
print preview
printable preset
private connection label
problem report
Process function
Program Monitor
project actions (overview)
project file
properties changed by actions
properties vs. parameters
properties window
Protected property
ProtectMarkers property
ProtectMarkers variable
public connection label
pulse (create with Level Detector)
Pyro preset
query and search patient records
QueryPatients function
Radians preset
Rainbow preset
range (prepare range and offset)
Range property
Ranges variable
Read only
Read only property
reading text files
Read-only property
ReadOnly property
ReadyEventCode property
ReadyEventCode variable
RealDateTimeClock preset
RealDelayInSamples property
RealDelayInSamples variable
RealDelayInTime property
RealDelayInTime variable
RealTimeClock preset
RealTimeOffset property
RealWindowInTime property (...)
RealWindowInTime variable (...)
RecordingSeconds variable (...)
RecordingTime variable (...)
recursive filters (...)
reference finder
Reference Identifier property
ReleaseStream function
Remember unconnected channels property (...)
remove event markers from signal
RemoveEvent property
RemoveTimeOffset property
rename signals
ReopenSession function
replay at any speed
replay signal files
report a problem
report page
repositories (overview)
ResampleFrequency property
ResampleFrequency variable
RESET (in relation to SyncID)
Reset function
reset tool window location
ResetEventCode property
ResetEventCode variable
ResetLevel property (...)
ResetLevel variable
Resolution variable
ResolutionList variable
restore deleted measurements
RestValue property (...)
review data from Storage operator
ReviewFile variable (...)
Right preset (...)
RightAlign preset
RightPaneWidth property (...)
RoamingUser preset
Rotation property
round to number of decimals
run mode
S1 - S2
S1 * S2
S1 / S2
S1 + S2
Sample & Hold
sample timing
SampleFrequency property (...)
Save function (...)
save image to disk
Savitzky Golay Filter
scalability of pages
scale of signals in viewers
ScaleAllHighs function
ScaleAllLows function
ScaleAllOffsets function
ScaleAllRanges function
scatter preset
schmitt trigger (Level Detector)
SchmittTrigger preset
Scroll mode property
ScrollbarVisible property (...)
ScrollBottom function
ScrollDown function
ScrollTop function
ScrollUp function
search addresses
search patient records
Searchable property
sec preset
Section End event code property
Section Start event code property
select channels
select channels by name
Select function
select one item from a list
Selectable List (drop down box)
SelectedFile variable
SelectedPatient variable
SelectedPatientLabels variable
SelectedSession variable
SelectionColor property (...)
SelectionEndValues variable
SelectionStartValues variable
SelectionTimeSpanSeconds variable
SelectionWindow property
SelectionWindow variable
SelectOnFocus property
SequenceNumber variable
session (...)
session folder name
Session list sort order property
session manipulating
SessionFiles variable
SessionFilesCount variable
Sessions variable
SessionsCount variable
SessionVariables variable
set algebra
Set Field Number
SetHigh function
SetLow function
SetOffset function
SetRange function
settings (Application Settings)
settings changed by actions
settings of an object
Shape property
Shift Buffer
ShiftCount property
ShiftCount variable
show a different name or unit
Show keyboard for Patient Records property
Show keyboard on main screen property
Show Session Details property
ShowFrame function
ShowHeader property (...)
ShowMovingCursor property
ShowProperties function
signal color
signal data files
Signal Generator
signal monitor probe
signal properties in viewers
signal reviewer
signal selection (overview)
Signal To Bits
Signal To Color
signal to variable
signal value to action
signal viewer (Y-T Viewer)
signal visibility
SignalClock preset
SignalFrequency property
SignalStartTime variable
SignalStartTimeSeconds variable
SignalType property
similar (...)
sin preset
SingleBaseline property (...)
SingleLine preset (...)
Sinus preset
Size (...)
Size property (...)
Skip function
Skipped variable
Slope property
Slope variable
Smaller preset
SmallerOrEqual preset
smoothing filter
snapshot image to disk
Software Information property
SortByApplication preset
SortByApplication_Reversed preset
SortByDate preset
SortByDate_Reversed preset
SortByName preset
SortByName_Reversed preset
Source application info property
Source Information property
source selector mode (Switch Converge)
SourceAddress property
SourceAddress variable
SourceInfo variable
SourceTimeStamp variable
Special dialog to change properties of this object: Contents property
Special dialog to change properties of this object: Enable/Disable channels property
Special dialog to change properties of this object: Graphical properties of signals property
Special dialog to change properties of this object: Input to Output map property
Special dialog to change properties of this object: Markers property
Special dialog to change properties of this object: Naming property
Special dialog to change properties of this object: Output configuration property
Special dialog to change properties of this object: Range/Offset property (...)
Special dialog to change properties of this object: Settings per channel property
Special dialog to change properties of this object: Time Range property
specify items using wildcard
speed factor
splitter (Channel Splitter)
splitter (overview)
Square preset
Standard Information tab
Standard Information tab property
START (in relation to SyncID)
Start Date and Time property
Start search for patients after n letters property
start using Polybench
StartDate property
StartEvent variable
StartHeight (%) property
StartSession function
StartTime property
StartTime variable (...)
Static Image
Static Text
STOP (in relation to SyncID)
StopEvent variable
storage (...)
storage (file formats)
StorageKey property
StorageLocation property
stored data (...)
StoreOnlyCurrentSession preset
stream alias (...)
Stream Alias property
StreamAlias variable (...)
StreamAliasSelect variable (...)
StreamName property
StreamName variable
Stretched property (...)
Style property
subtract floating point samples
subtract vectors
Sum of all channels
support log-in
Switch Converge
switch data sources
symmetric difference (set theory)
synchronizing data reviewers
synchronizing data sources (...)
synchronizing Replay operators
SyncID - find objects that are affected
SyncID (start/stop/reset)
SyncID property (...)
SyncRate property
system error behavior
tab component (Multi View)
table data
tan preset
Technical name property
technical_name preset
TechnicalName preset
TechnicalName variable
terminal (Channel Terminal)
terminal (overview)
test if variable set
Text (Static Text)
Text content tab
Text content tab property
text fonts
Text in multiple lines property
text input (...)
Text tab
Text tab property
Text variable
TextAboveImage preset
TextAlignment (...)
TextAlignment property (...)
TextBeforeImage preset
TextColor (...)
TextColor property (...)
TextColor variable
TextLength property
TextPosition property
there is at least one (logic sign)
thickness of signals
TickMultiplicationFactor property (...)
TickOffset property (...)
TicksCount property
TicksCountX property (...)
TicksCountY property
time delay in actions
time range of viewers
time values display format
TimeConstant property (...)
TimeConstant variable (...)
TimeLabelOffset variable (...)
TimeOffset variable
Time-out time (s) property
TimeOutTime variable
TimeRange preset
TimeRange variable
TimeRangeSeconds variable
TimeStamp variable
TimeStampSeconds variable
TimeSyncOffset variable (...)
timing of actions
timing of samples
Title property (...)
TitlePaneHeight property (...)
Toggle preset
ToggleText property
Tool box
tool windows
Top preset (...)
TopCenter preset (...)
TopLeft preset (...)
TopRight preset (...)
Total Count of Samples property
Touch screen enabled lay-out property
touch screen text input
TraceCount property
translate into other language
Triangle preset
trigger (create with Level Detector)
Trigger preset
TriggeredConstant property
TriggerLevel property (...)
TriggerLevel variable
triggers (general description)
TriggerValue property (...)
Trigonometric Function
trigonometric functions
True (pseudo-boolean)
True or False preset (...)
truncated values display
TryLogOn function
TurtleGraphics function
type of variables
Type property (...)
typing text
u (set theory)
Unequal preset (...)
uniform samples
UniformNoise preset
union (set theory)
UniqueAlias variable
unit of signals in viewers
Unit property (...)
UnitPaneWidth property
Units variable
UpdateInformation function
Use alternative names property
Use marker colors property
Use StorageKey property
UsedApplication property
UseExternalSettings property
user accounts
User interface overview
User name property
User Notes property
UserIsAdministrator variable
UTF16BE preset
UTF16LE preset
UTF32 preset
UTF8 preset
V1 - V2
V1 * V2
V1 / V2
V1 + V2
Value (...)
value argument to action sequence
Value for the action property
value input
Value on Exit
Value on Exit property
value preset
Value property (...)
Value variable (...)
Value Viewer
ValuePress property
ValueRelease property
Values preset
Values variable (...)
ValuesPerAddress preset
Variable Compare
variable format
variable parameter (...)
Variable Parameters (overview)
variable parameters tool window
variable set test
Variable To Constant
Variable Viewer
variables (capture signal value in variable)
variables (list type)
variables (lists - overview)
variables (math with)
variables (variable viewer)
variables monitor
variables of an operator
vector to signal
VectorOutput property (...)
VectorScale (%) property
Vertical text alignment
Vertical text alignment property
Video Replay
Video Reviewer
Video Storage
Video Stream Input
Video Viewer
VideoInputList variable
viewer (Y-T Viewer)
viewer signal scale
viewer time range
viewer with event markers
Views tab
Views tab property
Visibility variable
VisibilityAndName variable
Waterfall Plotter
web color
width of signals
Width x Height property
wildcard filter
window (Averager)
WindowFunction property
WindowInSamples property (...)
WindowInSamples variable (...)
WindowInTime property (...)
WindowInTime variable (...)
WindowWidth property
WindowWidth variable
writing text files
X_Label property (...)
X_LabelVisible property (...)
XLabel property (...)
X-Y Plotter
Y_Label property (...)
Y_LabelVisible property (...)
YLabel property (...)
Y-T Reviewer
Y-T Viewer