Polybench® for biosignals / reference 1.34.1
A button panel user interface that reflects the markers that the end-user can set and change in viewers.

Marker Button Panel


Use this component in a post-processing application, where the end-user should edit markers in a signal file.

The Marker Button Panel allows the user to drag markers from one or more the buttons on the panel onto the signal pane of a reviewer. The panel only shows the event markers that are set in a Prepare Markers operator that is connected at the input. If a wildcard event code ('*') is specified in the Prepare Markers operator, then this is not displayed as a marker button.

Operator ports

Input Any: Any sample type. The connection is not limited to one type of signal.

Output Any: Any sample type. The connection is not limited to one type of signal.

Paired User Interface Object

This operator is loaded simultaneously with a user interface object. The user interface object can be moved to another page, and would normally be displayed in the end-user application. The operator and this user interface object can never be separated. If you delete the operator, the user interface is deleted automatically as well. Note that you cannot delete the user interface, only the operator symbol!


Find more information about changing properties here: "Properties Viewer"

type: Known text font name
The text font of the event marker buttons (select from the Font repository).

This property uses the Font Repository. For more information about the use of text fonts in a project, refer to "Font Repository"

type: Word or phrase
The name of the object in the project. This name must not contain '.', '$' nor '@' characters.

For more information about the rules and usage of the Caption property, please refer to "Caption property - background and usage".

type: See description
Optional documentation of this object. If this object is an operator, the Documentation text is displayed below the operator symbol.


The markers that are exposed by the button panel should be set in the Prepare Markers ("Prepare Viewer Signals") operator that is connected to the input of the button panel schematic symbol.

The user is then able to put its mouse pointer on one of the events or markers on the panel, and drag that marker to a signal re-viewer.

Note that only Re-viewers and not live data viewers accept a marker from the marker button panel. To set a marker in a live data viewer (like the Y-T Viewer), you should use the Event Trigger ("Event Trigger") or Event Button ("Event Button").

A typical setup with a Y-T Reviewer and a Marker Button Panel. The user is now able to drag the markers from the panel onto the Y-T Reviewer signal view. Because both use the same Prepare Markers operator ("Prepare Markers"), therefore both display the same markers.

Remark about the output

This operator has an output for historical reasons. It should not be used anymore, because from a schematic point of view that would not make sense. The output copies the signals from the input, but it does not copy any viewer settings from preparation operators prior to the Marker Button Panel operator.

User Interface Object on Printable Pages

The user interface of this component will not be printed on a report if it is put on a Printable Page (see "Page"). The reason for that, is that the object is especially designed for use on screens, and does not have a function on paper.