Polybench® for biosignals / reference 1.34.1
Viewer that shows which Variable Parameters an object contains.

Variable Parameter Viewer


Using this tool window, the Variable Parameters of an object can be viewed and copied.

Open via the context menu (right-click on an object); select Variable Parameters...
See also: "Tool windows in the designer".

In this window you can also see what kind of values can be entered in a Variable Parameter.

User Interface

1. Open Help button
Opens help for the object of which the variable parameters are displayed.

2. Pin mode button
Press to change the Pin Mode. If the dialog is pinned, it will stay open, also if you click the drawing board, or open other dialogs.

3. Options Table
Displays the variable parameters that are available, and if possible, their current value. Note that the values are not continuously updated! Click on the item to update its value.

4. Copy
Copies the address that is displayed left of the button. This way it is easy to copy an address of a variable parameter.

5. Close
Closes the dialog.


If the Variable Parameter is not gray, you can change its value in the dialog, although the value should normally be changed by another object in your Project.

More information about Variable Parameters can be found here: "Variable Parameters".