Polybench® for biosignals / reference 1.34.1
General notes about tool windows in Polybench Designer

Tool windows in the designer


Polybench Designer shows a window-filling drawing board where you design your apps. This drawing board is kept as large as possible with the intention to give you the best possible overview over your pages.

However, during development of apps, you will require tools to build and test your app. Some of these tools are offered as free-floating windows in the designer. You can place them where ever suitable.

Below, you can find some general hints about the behavior of those tool windows.


To close any window, click the red close button in the right-top corner.

Some tool windows close automatically if the drawing board is clicked. These are tools that are bound to an object on the drawing board and are so quick to open and to close.

Some tool windows offer a pinning button that allows you to choose whether the tool stays open or should close when you click on the drawing board.

Tool windows that are bound to an object on the drawing board always open near that object. If another, but similar object is clicked, the contents of the tool may change, but not its position.

Other tool windows can be relocated to where ever you like - also outside of the Polybench Designer window. Their position persists, also the next time you open Polybench Designer.

All tool windows can be resized as best suits your needs.

In multi-monitor setups, it may occur that a tool window is opened outside the visible screen. To get the tool back, the location and size info should be reset:

- go to the View menu on top of the designer screen
- select "Tools to default location and size..."
- Confirm the warning

Location and size of all tool windows are now reset to their defaults.