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Background information of the Caption property that most components use

Caption property - background and usage


The Caption is the name of an object in a project, or the name of multiple objects that are of equal type. This name must not contain '.', '$' nor '@' characters.


Every object has the Caption property. This property is very important, because it is the name by which Polybench recognizes this object.

It is allowed to give multiple objects the same name, as long as the objects are of the same type. In that case, a reference to this caption includes all the objects with the same caption.

In Polybench, every object can be addressed by an Address specifier, followed by the captions of objects in a parent-child relation. The address starts with the dollar sign '$' and the captions are separated by dots.

For example: $My Page.My Object is an address where 'My Page' would be the Caption of a page, and 'My Object' the Caption of an object on that page.