Polybench® for biosignals / reference 1.34.1
Gets the field number of an indicated field in the input vector

Get Field Number


Use this operator to get the field number, so the place in the vector, of an indicated field. This field is indicated by the input vector. The input vector is a mask array, and the indicated field is the first field that is one of above it (pseudo-Boolean true).

Operator ports

Input V_in: Specific sample type, see below.

Output S_out: Floating point values


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type: Word or phrase
The name of the object in the project. This name must not contain '.', '$' nor '@' characters.

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type: See description
Optional documentation of this object. If this object is an operator, the Documentation text is displayed below the operator symbol.



Example: Set Field Number Example
This operator allowes the user to set a specific field in a vector. The length of the output vector will be the same as the length of the vector at the VectorInput. The output vector will have a 0 in every field, except in the field indicated by the field number input. This field will contain a 1.

Example: Histogram Example
This example show how a histogram can be implemented using the Vector Library

Example: Determining PI
This example shows how PI could be determined. It tries that, by using the shape and integral of a normal distribution. The shape is used to determine the Standard Deviation, and the integral of such a shape (sqrt(2*PI)) is used to determine PI.