Polybench® for biosignals / reference 1.34.1
Implements a function operator that will create a histogram from the incoming vector.

Buffer To Histogram


This function operator will place values from fields in the incoming vector into bins of the output vector. These bins are determined by the properties Bin Count, range and offset.
The bins of the output vector will be filled with the number of values of the input vector that fall in that specific bin.

Operator ports

Input V: Specific sample type, see below.

Output V_Histo: Floating point value buffers


Find more information about changing properties here: "Properties Viewer"

type: Integer value
The amount of bins in the output vector. This will also be the output vector length! Should be greater then 0.

type: Real value
The range of the complete output vector. Should be greater then 0.

type: Real value
The offset of the lowest bin.

type: Word or phrase
The name of the object in the project. This name must not contain '.', '$' nor '@' characters.

For more information about the rules and usage of the Caption property, please refer to "Caption property - background and usage".

type: See description
Optional documentation of this object. If this object is an operator, the Documentation text is displayed below the operator symbol.


The range of each bin will be determined by the Range property, and will be Range / BinCount.
The offset of each bin will be determined by the Offset property, and will be Offset + Bin number (i.e. the Offset property indicates the offset of the lower boundry of the lowest bin).

The output vector length will be equal to the BinCount property.

The highest and lowest bin will also contain every value above or below their bin value!