Polybench® for biosignals / reference 1.34.1
This block will indicate where the input bector is above an indicated level.

Buffer Level Detector


This operator measures when the fields in a vector are above or below a certain level. There is a property and variable parameter called DetectLevel that specifies the detection level value, and a property Hysteresis that specifies an optional hysteresis in percent.

Operator ports

Input V_in: Specific sample type, see below.

Output V_out: Floating point value buffers


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type: Real value
The level from which the output will be one.

type: Real value
The hysteresis that will be applied to the detect level

type: Word or phrase
The name of the object in the project. This name must not contain '.', '$' nor '@' characters.

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type: See description
Optional documentation of this object. If this object is an operator, the Documentation text is displayed below the operator symbol.

Variable Parameters

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type: See description
The level from which the output will be one


If the value of the input vector is above the detect level, until the value that is below the detect level minus the hysteresis, then the fields of the output vector will be 1. The other fields in the output vector will be zero.

If the hysteresis is negative, the level detector will detect the other way round, meaning that if the value is below the detect level, then the output will be 1, and if it is above the detect level plus hysteresis, the output will be zero.


Example: Level Detecor Example
The Level Detector Operator enables the user to detect a certain level in the input vector. This level can be indicated by the property DetectLevel, a Hysterisis can be indicated in the Hysterisis property. The output vector is a mask vector containing 1's in the fields that where above the detect level in combination with the hysterisis.