Polybench® Reference
Enables the setting of multiple display properties for signals in viewers.

Prepare Viewer Signals


This item describes the Prepare Viewer Signals operator, which is an operator that contains a collection of functions from other Prepare Viewer operators. So, in stead of this operator, you may also use one or more of the other Prepare Viewer operators that are described in this section of the manual.

Prepare Viewer operators belong to a class of operators that configure properties of signals that are displayed in signal viewers.
For more information about this class of operators, read 'Viewer Channel Configuration Overview' ("Viewer Channel Configuration (Preparation operators) Overview").

Operator ports

Input S: Any sample type. The connection is not limited to one type of signal.

Output S: Any sample type. The connection is not limited to one type of signal.


Find more information about changing properties here: "Properties Viewer"

Remember unconnected channels
type: True or False
Decides if settings from channels that are currently not connected should also be stored to disk.
Select one of those presets:
True or False
True may also be read like 'yes' and false like 'no'

During designing, channels may be added or removed at the input of this operator. All channels that were once connected are kept in memory, so that when you re-connect them, the settings are still available.
Normally, when you save your project to disk, those unconnected channel settings are not stored, because they may take unnecessary space.
However, sometimes your design may be so that different sets of known channels could be connected, in which case you want the settings to be available for all those channels. So, then Polybench should save the settings for the channels that are not connected as well. In that case, set this flag to True.

type: Word or phrase
The name of the object in the project. This name must not contain '.', '$' nor '@' characters.

For more information about the rules and usage of the Caption property, please refer to "Caption property - background and usage".

type: See description
Optional documentation of this object. If this object is an operator, the Documentation text is displayed below the operator symbol.

Special dialog to change properties of this object: Range/Offset

Extra dialog to change properties of this object: Graphical properties of signals

Extra dialog to change properties of this object: Time Range

Extra dialog to change properties of this object: Markers


Note that the general Prepare Viewer Signals operator does not offer any variable parameters. However, the other, specialized preparation operators do! Using variable parameters, graphical properties of the signals can be changed from within your project. Read more about this in the documentation for the other preparation operators.


Example: Range Offset Parameter Demo
Demonstrates changing Ranges and Offsets by using SET_PARAMETER and FUNCTION actions. Using the Functions, the signals can be shifted up and down and scaled.