Polybench® Reference
Parser for mathematical formulas

Mathematical formulas parser


Polybench contains a parser for simple mathematical formulas. This parser is used to do basic calculations on variables.

Currently, Polybench only supports formulas in the following forms:
=a + b
=a - b
=a * b
=a / b

where a and b are either fixed values or variables containing numerical values.


The Polybench Formula parser works in relation to the SET_PARAMETER action (link). In the Value setting for the action a mathematical formula can be written.

A formula is only recognized if it starts with the equal-symbol: =.
Inside the formula you may use fixed numbers and/or variables.

For example, you have a global variable (link) called $var$ and it has the value 10.
You can now define an action (for example using an Action Button (link)) with following settings:
address: $var$
value: =$var$ + 1

After the action has been executed, $var$ will be 11.

Real numbers vs. Natural numbers

If at least one of the values in the formula is a real number, then the result of the calculation will be displayed as a real number.
If all numbers are natural numbers (integers), then the result will be a natural number.

Result if a value is not a number

If one of the values in te formula is not a number, then of course nothing can be calculated. In that case, the formule is returned without the '=' sign.


Currently the formula parser is very limited:
- you can only use the four basic math operators +, -, *, and /.
- you cannot use more than one math operator in the formula
- you cannot use brackets, so =(1 + 2) will not return 3, but (1 + 2)

We will develop this further in future versions.