Polybench® for biosignals / reference 1.34.1
Tool for changing and adding fonts in the Font Repository.

Font Repository Editor


In the Font Repository ("Repositories Overview") you can edit a number of pre-defined text fonts as well as add new fonts.
In this dialog, the font repository can be edited, new fonts can be defined, and existing ones can be modified.

User Interface

1. Open Help
Opens the help page for this dialog.

2. Items list
Lists the names of fonts in the fonts repository. Click on a name to select and view the font settings that are referred to by this name.

3. Add [Space]...
Adds a font to the font repository. A font name is proposed, but you may change the name as you like, as long as the name is unique. It is recommended to define a name that tells you something about the place where the font is used, and not the name of the graphical font itself! If the name would be of the font, then if you want to change the font, you should also change the name, which is inconvenient.

4. Re name [F2]...
Renames the font reference name. Note that this affects all the objects in your project that use this font!

5. Remove [Del]...
Removes the selected font from the font repository. Note that this affects all the objects in yout project that use this font!

6. Input field
This is a text box in which you can test the font by typing text. A default text is displayed first.

7. Change [Enter]...
Changes the graphical font that is used whereever in your project the selected font name is used.

8. OK
Accept the changes, and closes the dialog.

9. Cancel
Reject the changes and closes the dialog.


The idea of the Font Repository is that you store the text fonts that you use in your project on a central place. The reason for that is that it is more easy to change fonts that you have used everywhere in your project afterwards.

Every text font will be given a name, either by Polybench or by you. It doesn't matter what name you give to it, as long as the name has a meaning to you for the font, and the name is unique for one font.
Spaces in the name are allowed. For efficiency reasons it is better to choose not too long a name. It is good practice to choose a name that says something about where the font is used, and not a name of the font itself. So, better use Viewer Font as name rather than Arial 10pt as name.