Polybench® for biosignals / reference 1.34.1
A dialog that pops up if your project is about to be closed, but if your last changes have not been saved yet.

Close Polybench Designer


Polybench Designer records any changes you make to your project. If you are trying to close Polybench Designer without saving your last changes, Polybench will show this dialog. You can now choose to save, not save, or cancel to close your project.

User Interface

1. Save
If you press this button, your project is saved. If you did save the project before, the project is saved under the same name. If not, the Save Project As dialog appears.

2. Don't save
If you press this button, the latest changes to your project are discarded and the project closes. If you would load your project again, the changes you made previously are gone.

3. Cancel
If you press this button, the dialog disappears and nothing happens; your project is not saved, nor closed. You can continue editing the project.