Polybench® for biosignals / reference 1.34.1
Lists a number of keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts and other tips-and-tricks


Polybench Designer is a graphical design tool, so that you will have to use your mouse (pen or tracker ball) heavily. For users that feel they have a hand free, below some keyboard shortcuts are listed.


Selecting multiple connected operators
Press the Ctrl-key and click on an operator symbol. Now that operator together with all connected operators at its outputs will be selected. The selection stops at labels or viewers.

Adding often-used objects to the design page
Move your mouse pointer to the place where you would like to insert an object from the "Object Toolbox". Then press:

L to insert a "Connection Label"

A to insert an "Action"

D to insert a "Delay"

K to insert a constant ("K")

T to insert a "Channel Terminal"

S to insert a "Channel Splitter"

N to insert a "Channel Name Splitter"

multiply, divide, add, and substract keys to insert "S1 * S2", "S1 / S2", "S1 + S2", or "S1 - S2".