Polybench® Reference
Viewer that shows errors that occur during running an application

Runtime Error Viewer


Use this tool to check any problems that only occur when an application runs, such as mis-interpreted addresses, or failing repository items.

Open from main menu: Debug -> Runtime error log...
Open by shortcut key: Ctrl+F5
See also: "Tool windows in the designer".

User Interface

1. Open Help button
Opens the help document for this dialog.

2. Refresh contents
Clears the text viewer and refreshes its contents. Depending on the contents, the refresh may take a few moments.

3. Close
Closes this dialog.

4. Word wrap check box
Check this check box to wrap long text lines to the next line, so that no horizontal scrolling is necessary.


The list of problems in your application may constantly change when you run your application. This viewer only shows the problems until the moment the viewer is opened.

The list of problems has a maximum length. Older entries are removed if the list exceeds its maximum size.

The error list is cleared when the project is closed.